Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Soccer Physics

From an old and forgotten zombie apocalypse game we go to an modern and multi-platform sport game called Soccer Physics. Soccer Physics is soccer game made by the unity platform which is lately getting really popular amongst the indie developers. The game is available for almost all modern devices and Operating Systems so you dont need to worry for not be able to playing it. You can download it from Play Store, Appstore and Windows if you own an mobile or tablet device, but also you can play the game on this website or check Soccer Physics - Official Website if you own an PC. Make sure you have unity web player and its enabled from your browser.

The gameplay of the game is very simple and the goal of the game is to score more goals then your opponent. It can be played in semi mode against computer or as multiplayer against friends or family. There are upgrades and downgrades on the map and if the ball touches them they will be used for or against you. The team who scores 5 goals first win the match and makes it to the next stage. I will challenge you to try and win a full championship.

Since i dont know how to publish unity games on blogspot and not even sure if that is possible, you should navigate to their official website and play the game as much as you want. Have Fun!