Thursday, December 18, 2014


Hi, this is my first game that i publish on my blog. I decided it to be an famous zombie game which i hope will get you entertained till my second post and next game. Infectonator is great zombie game made by Toge Productions and i consider this as the best game on their list. The story of the game is an zombie apocalypse made and controlled by you. As you start the game looks to be very simple infecting only one person and wait for the infection to spread, but as u proceed the game gets really tough and you will need both good skills and luck in order to pass some levels. As you spread the infection, you collect coins which can be later used to buy some upgrades or new viruses.

The game graphics come in old and retro pixel version but it offers great overall vision and nice video effects. The sound is also really cool there is always chilled song running in background but also bad and evil screams can be heard by the citizens getting affected by the virus.

There is also a sequel of the game called Infectonator 2 World Dominator. The gameplay of the sequel is the same with the difference of new weapons and upgrades as well as the option for the player to choose the territory he wants to spread the virus on. The game ends as u spread the infection across the whole world and as whole planet Earth gets infected. Infectonator is fun zombie game and our over rating is 8.5 out of 10. Since the game doesnt have an official website you can check the latest news and sequel releases at the official Infectonator Fan Site.

Enjoy the game!